About Waterfield Consulting

drawing of Waterfield Consulting logo

Waterfield Consulting was set up in 2005 by Neil McEachran, following a 13 year career in IT consultancy which was in danger of becoming a career in IT management. This was abandoned in favour of a career doing work for clients, and Waterfield Consulting was formed.

VB Programming

Like many people who learnt to code from owning a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, I drifted into programming at work with Visual Basic. Over the years I've designed and built a Pensions Administration system for a small public sector scheme, a timesheet, billing and work planning system (several versions of this, the latest of which is currently used by about 600 people), an appraisal system, and many other smaller projects.

Website Design

I started getting interested in making websites when learning about CSS and XHTML, mostly from Patrick Griffiths' great site HTML Dog. I'm interested in:

  • simple website designs - websites are usually maintained by people with a great deal less expertise and time than the original developer.
  • usability - helping people to find their own way around a site, and not hiding information from them.
  • standards-based designs - the best way for other developers to understand what you've done.

Microsoft Office

Most people who use Excel don't use anywhere close to its full potential, or they tie themselves up in knots as their spreadsheets grow out of control. Waterfield Consulting can help with formulas, VBA, coaching and cleaning up your spreadsheets.